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What Do Guys Get Out of Trying to Bang a cougar?

anujaNow, you’re probably thinking that the title of this blog post is rather stupid. I mean, what do I get out of banging a cougar that you met on ? Well, duh? Of course I get sex. I get my dick sucked. A hot older woman gets down on her knees and worships my balls and cock. I mean, where the fuck is the complexity?

Now, slow down. If that’s your train of thought, keep in mind that the whole effort of trying to bang a cougar involves more rewards than ejaculating in some tight, older pussy. I mean, that’s a good thing, don’t get me wrong. It’s always a welcome thing to get off in a woman, preferably when she gets off with you. But orgasms are definitely a good thing, just like getting a free Frapuccino Venti at Starbucks is a great thing.

But you have to look beyond the easy victories. You have to go beyond the most immediate benefits when you bang a cougar. There’s a lot more to it. When you successfully bang a cougar, one right after the other, you get self improvement. Seriously.

For you to bang a cougar on a consistent basis, it means that you stared your fears right in the eye and you refuse to be intimidated. At the very least, you grew up at a personal level or another, to get over whatever it was that’s holding you back and dragging you down as far as asserting yourself goes. Make no mistake about it, having sex at all requires self assertion. It requires self esteem, it requires self confidence.

Now, we live in a very sexist society so men are supposed to be the ones who have to make the first move. They’re the ones who have to take the initiative. That is how fucked up things are. So you have to understand that pussy is not going to fall into your lap. You have to make the first move. You have to get over whatever it is that you need to get over so you can get the pussy that you deserve. It doesn’t really get any simpler than that.

So if you’re able to do that, then that’s what you get out of your efforts at trying to bang a cougar. It’s all about self discovery, it’s all about turning yourself into a relentless powerhouse that is capable of one victory after another. This can apply to all areas of your life.

The Most Disturbing Trend About the Typical Milf Site



The typical milf site is really just a run of the mill, template-driven, online disaster. Seriously. It’s kind of like a graphics design, web development abortion that is just shitting out digital garbage. I don’t want to sound like a hater. I don’t want to sound like I’m discouraging you, but I’ll call a spade a spade. Unfortunately not all milf dating sites are as good as is.

You see, the typical milf site was set up by an online entrepreneur who has no intention of helping you get what you’re looking for. What are you looking for? Well, if you joined a typical milf site, you should be looking for mothers I’d love to fuck. You should be looking for women over 30 who’ve had children, who have awesome bodies, and who are ready to rock that cock.

Milfs, believe it or not, are really hot right now and there are tons of guys trying to fuck them. Unfortunately, many online entrepreneurs have heard of this, so they’ve set up all sorts of bullshit websites that operate in such a way that they would never ever lead to you getting your dick sucked, much less fucked by a milf. So how do you deal with this? Well, this is the most disturbing trend about the typical milf site. They’re stepping into artificial intelligence territory.

Back in the day, it was very easy to detect if you are dealing with a bogus website. The moment you join, you would get an automated message, and the messages are very easy to see through. Regardless of your reply, the messages basically would follow a script and it’s very easy to tell that it’s all automated. Instead of flesh and blood human being, you’re conversing with software.

The most disturbing trend about the typical milf site is that they are using artificial intelligence that is so sophisticated that you can’t tell you’re dealing with software. That is scary shit. Why? You can easily spend hundreds of hours at a typical milf site juggling many different profiles, only to waste your time because none of them are human beings. Scary shit. If you think about it, really pathetic as well.

The Big Disappointment Behind Meeting Mature Women

adoniaThanks to situational comedy TV shows like Friends from the 1990’s and more recent reality TV shows on cable TV, the whole idea of adult friends is taking on. In fact, it’s spreading like wildfire across the United States. There are even movies released based on this premise. It seems that everybody has just woken up to the whole concept of friends with benefits.

If you think about it, this is not exactly a new concept. If you’ll look at literature from the 1800’s all the way to ancient literature, there’s always been situations where male and female friendship lead to casual sex from time to time. It seems that the focus is primarily on the friendship and both partners are adult enough that they can safely separate their emotions from their physical bodies so they can fuck safely from time to time.

This is not a new thing. However, thanks to internet hype, it seems that everybody’s crazy about meeting mature women like this sexy lady. Well, there’s a big disappointment to this whole concept because most people are playing it wrong. Seriously, you have to remember that the only way you can develop adult friends and not get burned emotionally is if you start the friendship on the right footing. In other words, you begin your friendship and acquaintance with this person with the understanding that that friendship might lead to something more physical in the future.

If this common understanding is missing, then you are only setting yourself up for all sorts of heartbreak and disappointment. The last thing that you want is to develop a real friend. We’re talking about a friend who will take a bullet for you and pissing it all the way because you decided to fuck her and she got all emotional or you got all emotional and things got weird very quickly. You don’t want to play the game that way.

There’s a tremendous amount of fun to be had with adult women. I’m going to give you that. However, you need to play the game in a systematic and methodical way. You also should not take your eyes off the big picture. Otherwise, you’re playing the game to lose.