The First Step in Learning to Fuck Local Cougars


If you are looking to fuck local cougars, you probably are doing it wrong. Seriously. The one thing right that you probably are doing is you are targeting the right demographic. Among the different demographics in today’s adult dating world, cougars are some of the hottest women there. Why? You get the best of both worlds.

You get women who take good care of themselves. These are women who eat right, who exercise, and as a result, they have amazing bodies. In fact, a lot of these cougars have bodies that are half or even one third their age. That is how amazing their bodies look. They are in tiptop physical shape. Moreover, they have great faces. They take care of their skin. They make sure that they take the right skin care products. They look great. They love to look good and they love male attention.

What really sets cougars apart is that they almost exclusively only want to have sex with younger guys. Usually, these are women who are aged 35 and above, and they are looking to have sex primarily with guys aged 25 and below. There are lots of hot 55 year old cougars who are banging 25 year old guys. And guess what. It doesn’t feel like nasty, lose, decrepit, dilapidated, elderly pussy. In fact, if you stick your dick in there, it is probably some of the best ass you are ever going to experience. It is much better than that college ass that you have been sticking your dick into. Seriously.

You have to remember that sex is a two-way street. It is not just your dick going into a hole, and you making enough motions until you blow cream out of your cock. It doesn’t work that way. The actions of your sex partner take sex to a whole other level. This is how you determine whether a woman is a good sex partner or not. Guess what. Cougars know how to rock that body. They know how to fuck back. You are not just fucking them. They are fucking you back. So if you are serious about your decision to fuck local cougars, you have to do it in a completely different way.

You have to start with your mindset. You have to tackle this number one issue. What is this number one issue that most guys completely fail on? It is very simple. Assume that it is possible. Guys fail to have sex with the hot women they want to have sex with because they assume that those women are too good for them. The moment you believe that, it will change how you respond emotionally. It will change how you act on people and it will change your aura. Get rid of that.

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